Private social networks

for discrete interaction

tataka is free up to 2 GB disk space!

    tataka is a modern and secure intranet

    for companies, communities and teams of any kind.

    Its all about the information and creativity flow within your organization. Its about playing as one team and tataka helps your team mates get more engaged and integrated.

    Communication problems?

    Stats are merciless: 87% of delays in projects are caused by difficulties in communication. We use emails, phones, meetings, instant messaging, local and cloud documents storage and not every time we are encouraged to share the information we have with other team members.

    Is there an ultimate solution?

    We are not going to lie to you. There is not. But tataka can help you reduce communication problems to a minimalistic level. We help your teams mates stay connected through sharing the same communication platforms wherever they might be.

    Here is an example:

    The red numbers are important
    messages you should not be missing

    The blue numbers are less important
    activities of team mates

    The grey numbers
    are posts and replies
    within the active groups

    Simple and intuitive interface

    Just take a look. Simple and organized is what we love about tataka. The same posts, files and documents anywhere and anytime through your Android or iOS devices.

    Do not miss! Shows also as push up notification on your iPhone or Android

    Check who is doing what

    Groups can be public or private

    Get the job done anywhere

    Grouped search results

    Control (if you want to) who
    is accessing your groups

    Control (if you want to) who is accessing your groups

    Groups can be public or private. You can even hide it from the groups list!

    Upload and view your
    documents online

    Smart calendar showing your
    organization meetings, holidays,
    co-workers off-days and more

    Smart calendar

    Instant messaging

    tataka is free up to 2 GB disk space!